November 22, 2009

The First Three Steps Toward Social Media Marketing

While other channels are looking at cutbacks, social media marketing is on a growth path because it's low cost, it's proving to work, and it represents the future of marketing.
Creating a social media marketing plan should depend on your market’s needs and your company’s capabilities and offerings.
In my opinion, your first three steps should be: 
  1. Clearly identify your target
  2. Identify the key issues your target cares about as it relates to your offerings.TIP: create a bulleted list with no more than three or four words per item
  3. Research which, if any, top bloggers are discussing these issues.TIP: User your bulleted list to search.
The following are good places to start:
  • Technorati
  • Google Blogsearch
  • Blogsearch
Inevitably, any substantial subject matter area has a back channel where top bloggers and influencers chat. For example, PR and marketing bloggers tend to connect on Facebook, Twitter, and to some extent, LinkedIn. This back channel can yield powerful connections to highly influential minds who may not have blogs with top statistical ranking.

Marketers looking to find their subject area’s back channel should start with a basic search. Once your initial search yields important blogs, visit them and note which social networks the bloggers use to connect. Join their communities. And learn what your target really cares about.

Don’t just observe, participate. Comment on blogs and social networks in a non-promotional way.

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