March 25, 2011

Re-Opting In Your Email List: Why and How

Even though your lists may be opt-in, it is inevitable that some “old” subscribers may stop opening emails and can log spam complaints for them. Though subscribers originally opted-in, these spam complaints count towards your online brand reputation.
Over time, these complaints can cut into your profits by causing IP or domain blocking or blacklisting. To maximize ROI and deliverability for a dated list, you may need to reconfirm dormant subscribers, or to re-opt-in old subscribers.
When sending your re-opt-in campaigns, I recommend you keep the following in mind:
  • Send only to opt-in lists of your customers with whom you have done business with in the past twelve months
  • In your eMail, use language in the subject line to call attention to the issue (e.g. YOUR BRAND NAME – Register Now to Receive XX)
  • The body of your eMail should be entirely dedicated to the opt-in message. Nothing else.
  • Have a button AND a link to click to opt-in.
  • Provide an incentive (e.g. Sign Up by 2/15 and receive XX) to your subscribers to re-opt-in
  • Always have an urgency date to encourage immediate action

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