April 7, 2010


Here is a FUN exercise that I have found successful in getting new business.
There are FOUR graduating steps that are part of every sale:
  1. Get a lead, referral or introduction to a decision maker
  2. Get an appointment with a decision maker
  3. Complete a CNA with a decision maker
  4. Get a comitment to a close or to an action that leads to a close (proposal/estimate)
Assign one point to Step 1, two to Step 2 and so on...
Work toward getting TWENTY POINTS a week in ANY combination.
On the top of your daily to-do list put GET 4 POINTS... don't wait until Friday to try and get 20. If you tally 4 POINTS PER DAY you will never run out of prospects, your pipeline will always be full and you will become a RAINMAKER!